by Donna Killeen


As part of our continuing efforts to showcase local talent and issues relevant to the community, The Northsider is proud to present this photo essay about the Casserole Club.


The Moreland Casserole Club works to help people share extra portions of home-cooked food with others in their area who are not always able to cook for themselves.


Kim cooks a bit extra weekly. Kim and her partner Phil visit Rita once and sometimes twice a week to deliver her a home cooked meal made with love and enjoy a lively conversation over a coffee with Rita.


Rita loves the company and looks forward to these visits and the deliciously prepared meals. Kim is clearly a great cook utilizing her Korean background to bring something delicious to each dish.


Kim and Phil believe they receive more from this exchange. Rita, however will tell you it means the world to her to have a weekly visit and chat. Rita is a spritely 90 year old that holds her own in the conversation and brings her lovely humor and engaging stories to the table.


This initative is different to Meals on Wheels, which delivers delicious meals but doesn’t have the schedule or flexibility to stop and have a “cuppa” and a chat.


Moreland City Council is one of only three Councils selected to be part of the Casserole Club, a Victorian local government trial that works in partnership with Wesley Do-Care, a respected organisation with experience in managing volunteer programs.


To find out more information, contact the Casserole Club team at Wesley Do-Care on 8199 6260 or visit the Casserole Club website.








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