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So what’s the Brunswick vibe? A dude called Phunk Phil walks into Catch on Sydney Rd and gauges the fashion glow: “Milan,” he says beaming; which is odd because he normally glares. “Brunny gets better and better,” he mutters, checking off a rack of shirts. “Fitz is getting gentrified. No quad knocking,” he adds, rubbing his sore leg, where a local Brunny kneed him that morning corner of Weston. “Brings out belongingness,” he goes on, and one wonders what’s pepping him. Seems he’s bin there dun that, O/S’d and O/X’d, so now he’s installed at JMC Academy in S Melbourne pondering entertainment management. “I wish JMC had a campus here in Brunswick,” he says. “Everything else happens in Brunny; best bit of Crazy Town,” by which he means Melbourne.


Phunk Phil at Internet laundrette


You see Phunk gets his coffee from Mina at Espresso Bar in Barkly Square.


Phunk Phil at Mina's coffee


He has his head shaved by Emilio at Urban Man.


Phunk Phil at Urban Man


He works out daily at Dohertys.


Phunk Phil at Dohertys Gym


And he walks and talks for miles, usually by and to himself. “Yo, I like punk and funk, so my name’s Phunk Phil. It don’t need to be one or the other.” So why the punk look then? “In Catch clothes it’s phunk, man: punk and funk synergised: ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. Like a zig-zag trip along Sydney Rd. Defining life at its finest means differing tastes. So”, he adds on, “if you like phunking … ups and downs … tops and bottoms … come to Brun Brunny.”


Phunk Phil in front of Graffiti street


phunk phil

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