By Robert Frolla


Afro Hub will host their first poetry slam night on Thursday 27th October.


Starting from the 27th at 6.30pm, each Thursday night will be home to a poetry slam, which will feature a performance from an African-Australian poet and storyteller, at 727 Nicholson St.


The recently opened space features a great number of African-Australian talent, who are all Melbourne-based artists who come from various countries on the African continent. The hub offers a wide range of art and entertainment on display, such as live music, paintings, food, fashion, design, photography and film, and aims to promote work from African artists living in the local northside community.


The Carlton North venue is a multi-purpose space, which acts as a café, bar, retail shop and gallery with an evolving theme. Since September, Afro Hub has been celebrating work from artists who come from East African countries such as Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya and Sudan.


Abe Nouk, a Sudanese-born spoken-word poet, MC and author, will be hosting Afro Hub’s poetry slam. Soreti Kadir, a Melbourne-based poet and writer of Oromo descent, will be the main act.


Abe is a two-time Victorian poetry slam champion who performed at last year’s Australian Poetry Slam at the Sydney Opera House. He is also the founder and director of Creative Rebellion Youth, a Collingwood-based youth arts space.


Soreti, who in her work is committed to cultivating the power of the Afro-descent diaspora, is also the co-founder and the directing manager of In Our Own Words, a non-government organisation devoted to teaching self-awareness, de-colonial thinking and community empowerment.


The entry price for the event is $10. The poetry slam will run as an open mic-style event, which will give people in the audience the opportunity to perform after the main act. Those who wish to take part will be required to register by 6pm and will receive free entry.


People in the Afro Hub audience can order share plates and snacks from an East African-inspired menu. There will also be a selection of African beers, wines and African-inspired cocktails.


Afro Hub is located at 727 Nicholson Street in Carlton North. The venue is open from 8am – 6pm Tuesdays to Thursdays, and from 9am – 11pm from Fridays to Sundays.



Abe Nouk performing at the Australian Poetry Slam 2015

Soreti Kadir performing ‘Pain and fear’ at the Audacious Issue Two launch




Robert was a sub-editor for Phantasmagoria Magazine and a proofreader for Writers Victoria, and is now a freelance editor for Busybird Publishing.

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