Seven Years is an apt title for Matt Joe Gow’s new album as it’s seven years since the release of his debut The Messenger.  It’s seven years in which Matt became disillusioned with the music industry before rediscovering his muse and embarking on a period of intense creativity.



In seven years the music landscape has altered dramatically and I asked Matt about that period in between the release of The Messenger and his return to the studio.



“We toured that album relentlessly with Kasey Chambers and played every little town you could imagine. In seven years the music landscape has changed, people are much more open minded when it comes to music and you can join the dots more with social media. They can download your CD, follow you on social media, it’s much more interactive. There are some really large Americana bands like Mumford and Sons that have opened up people’s minds to new music.”



“I took a break and stopped playing music, I moved out to St Leonards and I didn’t write for a while so I could figure out what I wanted to do. One day I picked up my guitar and all these songs started to flood out and I think I wrote four or five in one day. I sent them to Andy Pollock the guitarist in my band who thought they were good and so I kept on going. It was also a chance for me to take charge and have more control from a creative point of view.”



Revitalised and with the songs pouring out, Matt headed into the studio in a more relaxed frame of mind. Seven Years is a compelling document of not just life changes but creatives ones as well. Some of the songs dating back to the Messenger sessions have evolved over time much like the artist himself and this is thread that ties Seven Years together.



“Bottle It Up and Down the River were written seven years ago so it documents that whole period, I can track every moment of my life. It’s a diary of where I was and how I was feeling at the time. Down the River was a song we tracked about four times, we had it kicking around for the Messenger record. It was one that evolved over time. We played it live and the new outlook I had creatively we just blasted through it.”



“You can hear it lyrically and in my voice in Georgia Rose I speak about the loss of my grandfather, different relationships, different places where I was living. There were some low moments on the record but also moments where I was moving forward and really happy with the direction of the band. To come through all that as a band and to be launching it on November 5th is fantastic.”



I asked Matt about the challenge of self producing his new album and how he worked on ideas in the studio.



“It’s produced by myself and Andy. I trust him a lot, we have a really good creative relationship, he is extremely talented. We have similar musical tastes. We can point to certain tones so when it comes to making a record we just build it up; we lay down some ideas and discuss what it needs next. A lot of the songs were organised on the studio floor, some were done at Nicky Bomba’s studio. It’s that faith we have in each other, we both know where the songs want to go.”



Seven Years is out now and Matt will be launching the album on Saturday November 5th at the Spotted Mallard. Check Matt’s website below for details.






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