Same Sun Same Moon is the new studio album from San Diego duo Little Hurricane, lead singer Anthony “Tone” Catalano and drummer C.C (Celeste) Spina have strongly asserted themselves on the new album which veers away from the more muddier, bluesier sound of their previous albums.



The arrangements are more complex, the songs more expansive with deeper layers without abandoning their trademark sound. On Same Sun Same Moon the duo create a sonic cohesion through each song that makes for an immensely enjoyable listen. There is a theme of inclusiveness being a universal value that permeates the album. The title track expounds on the fact that when the façade is stripped back we are all the same, existing under the same sun, breathing the same air. OTL is a profound love song written by Catalano about his relationship with cohort Spina, Bad Business shares comparisons with the White Stripes an earthy stripped to the core blues burner. The Northsider spoke to Tone Catalano on the eve of the album’s release and he reflected on what inspired his writing for the album.




“As for the theme of the album we were talking about unity, no matter where we are we really wanted to bring home to people that we are all on the same planet it’s all the same sun and the same moon but there are so many differences that people are focusing on politically and so on, but ultimately we are more similar than different. I was thinking about what is our purpose, what are we doing with the music are we doing something positive ultimately music is a language that everybody speaks and we felt we could use that platform in a positive way.”




I asked Tone about the recording process for Same Sun Same Moon and whether he and C.C took a different approach from their previous album Gold Fever.




“The approach to this record was the same as Gold Fever, I record all the music I like to record the songs from the day we write them. I have a lot of different versions of the song and I’ll find the best version maybe it’s a certain take where it all comes together and then we will build the track up off that take, it’s all about capturing that one moment live in the studio. C.C will write the drum parts and I work on the vocals and guitar parts and occasionally we work together on some lyric ideas, it’s about bringing it all together and seeing what happens. We road tested these songs before we went into the studio it’s a great way to work on the arrangements and see what works and what doesn’t.”




Momentum is building for Little Hurricane, the duo are in no hurry for a fast ride to success preferring to slowly build their following through touring, currently preparing for an American and then a European tour I asked Tone if we could expect a visit, “we would love to come back down there we had a great time on our last visit, it’s definitely on our radar.”



Same Sun Same Moon is out now, check below for a link to the album.



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