Melbourne singer songwriter Tanya George delves head first into matters of the heart and her own personal struggles on her remarkable debut EP Sonder. It’s a revealing EP displaying a maturity and intuitive honesty that you rarely find in an artist just starting their career. Her voice is penetrating and soulful, the songs cast light on personal turmoil but what sets Tanya apart from other songwriters is the cathartic and enlightened way in which she reflects on her world.



The musical tapestry that Tanya weaves is diverse creating plenty of space for her amazing voice to shine. New single The Lie and Broke Ass Girl feature jagged frames of electronica, The Will has a plaintive piano sound that effortlessly floats alongside the vocal. The tender Rise and Fall features a stoic vocal accompanied by a melodic guitar arrangement.



The Northsider spoke to an excited Tanya on the eve of her debut release, a good jumping off point was the origin of the name Sonder and how it ties in with each song.



“Sonder means the realisation that a random passer-by’s life is just as important and vivid and complex as your own, I wanted it to tie in with the EP being about everyone, not just me. I wrote the EP about my stories and experiences but I didn’t want that to mean it was about me necessarily. I wanted it to be about people listening to those stories and relating to them and reflecting their own lives in them.”



Delving further into the inspiration for these songs Tanya touches on the personal difficulties that she has faced over the last few years, including the divorce of her parents. She discusses these issues with remarkable candour and honesty including the impact of being in an abusive relationship.



“They all came from a time that was quite broken for me, the songs come from a place of loss and divorce and the aftermath of an abusive relationship. The Lie for instance talks about the ups and downs of an abusive relationship and it’s kind of like an addiction that people get with relationships, the drama of it. It relates to brokenness, from being broken hearted to being broke financially, which is what Broke Ass Girl is about.”



One of the most striking elements of Sonder is it’s musical diversity, an alluring combination of soul, jazz, electronica and pop that effortlessly coalesces together. In her formative years Tanya studied jazz and was deeply influenced by singers like Etta James, she was also influenced by the pop music she grew up listening to. In crafting the songs musically Tanya with the help of producer Tommy Spender pushed the boundaries experimenting with different textures and vocal sounds.



“The songs were ready to go before I entered the studio, but of course in the studio things don’t always go to plan. Working with Tommy he pushed me to go further with the songs, to delve deeper and really say what I wanted to say. The Will for example was originally a piano ballad but it wasn’t connecting with the rest of the EP so I went away and found a whole new feel for it and he encouraged me to do that.”



Tanya will launching Sonda with her band this Friday April 7th at Revolver, Sonda is out April 7th. Check out the link below for all the details





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