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Offering an unusual and dynamic sound that strays around the realm of pop and indie rock, local band Split Seconds promise a much heavier presence on Melbourne’s music scene in 2016, with a new album due out in late March/early April.


The band is made up of four members: Sean, Rhys, James and Barrie. Despite all four living in the north, none of the boys are native Melburnians, with three of the four originally from Perth and the newest member, Barrie, hailing from England.


It was actually in a small room in an overcrowded share house in England that Split Seconds found its beginnings, with lead singer Sean Pollard penning the band’s first few songs alone.


It was on returning to Perth, Australia, that he realised he needed someone to help play them.


“I just got my mates together… wasn’t really crazy, it was just a few beers in the back shed and then all of a sudden we had a band,” Pollard said.


And as easy as that, Split Seconds was formed.


“We’d all been in different bands,” Pollard added, whose own first on-stage experience was playing a New Years Eve gig at Perth’s High Park Hotel when he was just 17. All underage, Pollard and the rest of the group snuck in to play from atop a pool table.


“I don’t think we even had a name. It was very shambolic, it was rubbish, complete rubbish actually.”


But that was a few bands and a Euro trip ago. Split Seconds modest success would suggest that this time around it’s a pretty good fit.


It’s a lot more honest than anything we’ve done before, it’s almost embarrassingly honest for me, I’ve been sitting on these songs for a while.”


Since their first track there has been some evolution to the pace and composition of the songs, much of which Pollard credits to a change in environment and the opportunity to play new venues.


“When we first got together it was a lot slower, I guess because I had written all the songs in a little room in London. They were very quiet because I had to be quiet.”


As Split Seconds started to play at festivals and to bigger audiences, they learnt to adjust, “bashing it out” a bit more and adding more of a pop influence.


“It’s just kind of evolved, it’s been informed by what stages we were playing and it’s moved into somewhere different now, the new stuff we’re playing is a lot more jangly,” he said.


Their newest tracks also seem to promise something different, with Pollard drawing heavily from his personal experiences.


“It’s a lot more honest than anything we’ve done before, it’s almost embarrassingly honest for me, I’ve been sitting on these songs for a while,” he said.


The band has taken somewhat of a sabbatical from the live music scene to concentrate on the upcoming album but once that is out, fans can expect to see Split Seconds on stage a lot more often.


One place to look might be Fitzroy’s Gasometer.


“It’s a really cool place, it’s kind of turned into such a nice music venue… It’s really my favourite venue to play,” Pollard said.


Music is still a side gig for the guys, but long term their goal is a simple one.


“I think we would just like some longevity as a band. It’s easy to get caught up when you’re a youngish band,” Pollard commented.


“To have three albums, four albums under our belt and still tour and be able to have a beer with each other at the end of it, that’s the main aim I think.”


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