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Did you know that out of the 10,500 chemicals used in skin, beauty and hair care products, only 13% have been tested for safety over the last 30 years?


Most of us are interested in caring for our wellbeing and protecting ourselves against harmful toxins, especially when it comes to what we put into and onto our body. However, being conscientious about deciding which beauty products are the healthiest option is not always easy.


In order to make a conscious decision about whether to purchase a product or not, we often look at the ingredients and try to see which ingredients are natural and which aren’t. The most common problem I hear from clients is that they don’t understand the ingredients listed.


We often see ‘natural’ written on the front of products and are led to believe these are a healthy option. This word is often just a title and doesn’t necessarily mean the product is natural or that there are any natural ingredients used at all.


Just in the ingredient ‘fragrance’ alone, there may be up to 4,000 chemicals…”


Let’s take hand soap for example. It may say ‘natural’ in the title on the front of the product, and if you turn over to the ingredients on the back, you might even recognise some natural ingredients listed at the bottom. Legally, ingredients must be listed in order of their percentage in the product, which means that often the ingredients at the end of the list only make up 1%. So, while the last two ingredients of the hand soap may be ylang ylang or chamomile, which are lovely natural ingredients, what about the 26 ingredients before that?


Often all of the previous ingredients are lab-made chemicals. Just in the ingredient ‘fragrance’ alone, there may be up to 4,000 chemicals needed and manufacturers don’t have to list what makes up the fragrance of this so-called ‘natural’ hand soap. Phthalates are chemicals usually found in fragrances and they are known endocrine disruptors. This means that they cause damage and upset to our hormonal system. No wonder there is such a high diagnosis rate of endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome and breast cancer in women and men, when we are topping up our bodies with all of these harmful, untested, unrecognisable chemicals. Scary, isn’t it?


So how do we go about fixing this? Purchase your products from a trusted retailer – there are plenty out there. Ask friends what products they use. As the old saying goes, knowledge is power, so Google any ingredients you are unsure about so you can make an informed decision.


Let’s all intentionally live a healthier life.




Jenae French is the founder of Your Beauty Spot Natural Beauty Salons and 100% Natural, Australian Skin Care, Body Care and Essential Oils. She’s a beauty therapist with 14 years experience, has a passion for teaching how amazing natural can be, and says she won’t keep quiet about the damaging effects of chemicals in skin care. For more info see yourbeautyspot.net.au, or check out her salon at 75 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, telephone 9078 1618


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