By Maria Dunne


Don’t let the title fool you: these women have spunk.


Ginger and Tonic are back at it again with Desperate and Dateless, a performance that will make you laugh, cringe and smile at all the mishaps and failures of modern dating.


This is the group’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut. Ginger and Tonic have been performing since 2009 with shows in the Festival of Voices in Hobart and the Melbourne Cabaret Festival. They have also toured Germany to perform at Leipzig’s International A Cappella Festival, and also won first place at SingFest in 2012.


Specialising in original songs as well as quirky parodies such as ‘Tinderella’ (Rhianna’s ‘Umbrella’), a cappella group Ginger and Tonic is able to bring raunchy and hilarious comedy to the a capella world.


Desperate and Dateless follows the women on their journey through the highs and lows. They have tried Tinder, salsa classes and trivia nights. However, it still ends with a loss. “Being themselves” is seen as the worst option of all, as they reveal their little quirks and insecurities.


Laura Burzacot (Burzie) was one of the standout performers. Struggling with her “break” with Gary, she uses this time to “appreciate the man” in her life and gets cuddles from the audience.  Her ability to keep the beat of the song whilst dancing and making a variety of facial expressions was remarkable.


Similarly Stefanie Jones’ (Fanny) characterisation added to the performance. Her naivety and blissful ignorance when making a joke came as a nice contrast to the other performers.


Ginger and Tonic seriously outdid themselves with a boppy, fresh and extremely well-executed piece. It was clear through this show that these women are fun and bold, even if desperate and dateless.



Ginger and Tonic: Desperate and Dateless
30 March – 9 April
8.15pm: Tuesday – Saturday
7:15pm: Sunday
The Coopers Malthouse, Beckett Theatre





Maria Dunne is a writer from North Coburg. Before writing for the Northsider she wrote freelance for The Big Issue and Buzzcuts.

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