By Maria Dunne


Nikki Britton has always loved love; her grandmothers had even taught her lessons on compassion and “true love”. Yet Britton, the strong female she is, still finds herself in laughable scenarios on her quest to find it.


Britton has spent the last three years touring the country with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow, performing shows like The Other 3 Percent in 2015. Nikki Britton Is Romanticide is a wonderful edition to her collection, continuing her confessional, open environment of comedy.


As Britton puts it in Nikki Britton Is Romanticide, she has lost the “lolly hunt”. In a world full of 30-something “musk sticks”, she still can’t seem to find the perfect man or the “cookie” that won’t crumble.


Britton relies on her unbelievable situations, fabulous friends and the sh*t going down through her tale of romance up until the inevitable and often sudden breakup. These stories wonderfully contrast with her bubbly and bold personality.


For just an hour, Britton takes you down the cathartic path of how cruel love can be. But she also lets her audience know that although it can be bad, Britton has had it worse and is still surviving. With humour, Britton was able to present a show that was sincere and honest to her “clumsy” and “curvy” self.


However, the show’s ending ‘dictated’ her whole experience to the audience. It was odd and unexpected, but it also showed that love isn’t always a Disney fantasy; as Britton sees it, a “dove” and a “pigeon” are the same “f*cking bird”.


This show is not for everyone. Britton’s brashness when talking about love and relationships can be somewhat intimidating, but as Britton stated in her performance, “if you stay with me it gets better”. This frankness is something refreshing, as is how influential her personal experience is to her work. This show is recommended for anyone who feels like relationships have never been for them.



Nikki Britton Is Romanticide
Wed 19 – 22 Sat April: 8.30pm – 9.30pm
Sun 23 April : 7.30pm – 8.30pm
The Forum




Maria Dunne is a writer from North Coburg. Before writing for the Northsider she wrote freelance for the Big Issue and Buzzcuts.

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