By Jo Rittey


Kappo dining is a Japanese formal dining style where you sit up at the counter, or bar, and watch the chefs prepare the meal in front of you. The interaction between chef and diner is integral to the experience here.


Melbourne’s kappo restaurant is conveniently named Kappo, so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. An intimate venue, Kappo seats 25 people in the evenings and offers lunch on Fridays. So important is the dining experience in this little venue, that they have signs advising no mobile phones and no flash photography. This is in-the-moment dining, where you just have to put your Instagram account on hold for the evening; savour and remember, without hashtags, filters and likes.


You will enter this other world through a black door at 1 Flinders Lane where you will have to press the buzzer and be guided down a dark wood hallway to the timber bar and the complimentary glass of sake.


The menu focuses on mountain vegetable cuisine, fish and very little red meat.


If you would like to try it out for yourself, an excellent occasion would be their first ‘Counter Culture’, event to be held on Wednesday, March 1st. If you missed out this time, there will be more as it will be an ongoing series a unique element of Japanese cuisine.


Kappo master, Kentaro invites you to dine in a Omakase sushi experience with a one night exclusive menu with only 8 spots available at $120pp.


For more information, bookings, and to keep an eye out for future events, go to their website.



1 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Jo has an exotic (kiwi) accent, loves good food and wine and has just a touch of the required culinary cynicism when it comes to the misuse of apostrophes and the hype over kale.


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