New research reveals that 1 in 3 people in Australia go on a diet every year, with the average Australian having tried four unsuccessful diets attempts and 12% admitting to always being on a diet. 

While 1 in 5 Australians confess they can’t lose weight whatever they do, there is hope for serial dieters, as a simple mouth swab could be the answer to taking control of our weight.

New research reveals that the average Australian has tried four unsuccessful diets attempts, whilst dieting is never ending for 1 in 10 (12%), who admit to being on a diet all year round.

The research carried out by Australian genetic interpretation company myDNA also found that over a third (38%) of people in Australia attempt to diet every year, with a further 29% admitting to putting the weight back on after following a diet plan. Whilst 1 in 5 (20%) of those surveyed confessed that it doesn’t matter what they do, they just can’t lose weight.

Dietitian Anca Vereen says, “To hear that so many people are struggling with a perpetual battle to lose weight and not really knowing what to do next is confronting. Although the general advice is to eat a healthy balanced diet, what is appropriate for one person will not always suit another. General advice doesn’t work for everyone and there’s so much more to weight loss than just will power and making the right choices.”

We’ve become accustomed to the phrase ‘you are what you eat’, and whilst maintaining a healthy diet leads to a healthy weight for some, many of us are left feeling hopeless as shifting those extra kilos seems impossible.
However, decoding your genetics could be the solution to providing answers for serial dieters struggling to lose weight. With a simple mouth swab, a DNA test can be carried out to learn more about our likelihood of gaining, sense of feeling full and how we process and store fat.

Vereen says, “Whilst it’s always important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, genetic testing can provide beneficial insight into why exactly certain diets or eating certain foods are just not working for you.”
Doctor and CEO at myDNA Lior Rauchberger says that, “Our genetics can tell us so much about our body size and our risk of being overweight. Our DNA can offer insight into how we store and breakdown fats, certain types of which can contribute to a range of health issues”.

“This information then helps to tailor a personalised diet plan, unique to the individual, to assist with recommendations on serving size, advice on what percentage of carbohydrates, fats and protein and even what intensity of exercise is the most beneficial.”

Rauchberger says, “Our research also found that not only do people have more confidence in personalised plans but 69% of Australians believe that personalised plans would make a difference.”

Overall, Australians are keen to embrace DNA testing for their health and wellbeing, with 62% of those surveyed believing that there is value in understanding more about their genetics to better manage their diet.
With a simple mouth swab, a DNA test could be the answer to taking control of our weight. By providing detailed and personalised insight into our body’s genetic make-up and a personalised plan to assist with the right food and exercise choices could be the answer many of us have been searching for to lead us to a healthier weight and lifestyle.

Survey methodology: 1,001 participants, aged over 18 completed an online survey on behalf of My DNA. Nationally representative quotas based on age, sex and area were applied. The survey was conducted in July 2017 by Pure Profile.


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