By Jo Rittey


Polish Dumpling pop-up Pierogi Pierogi are at it again, and this time, they bring us Christmas in July at The Gasometer. They will be shipping in their Polish food and Polish vodka and showing the Northside how to do it Polska style.
A traditional Polish Christmas, not unlike the Anglo-Saxon version, is filled with generations of tradition, symbolism, food and family. Where the difference between the two starts is where the fun begins.


Did you know that a Polish Christmas lasts 3 days? The first night Wigilia is a 12 dish vegetarian feast and to have good fortune for the year to come you have to have a taste of all of the 12 dishes. The Wigilia table is always set with a spare seat in case someone in need knocks on your door and don’t worry if you go to the bathroom and there are live fish splashing around in the bath that is the main dish, Carp!


Pierogi, Pierogi’s Christmas in July event at the Gasometer will be a slightly less involved affair, but no less tasty. They will be serving classics from across the three days of Polish Christmas, including clear beetroot soup with mushroom rolls and herrings three ways for starters. Bigos, also know as Hunter Stew, is a delicious wintery stew of smoked meats and sauerkraut with red wine and prunes cooked for three days and of course Pierogi. Lots of Pierogi!


You’ll be able to choose form three traditional Pierogi flavours comprising of a vegan mushroom and sauerkraut, vegetarian potato and cheese potato and cheese or beef and vegetable.They have also created a special flavour for the event; a very fancy sounding salmon and asparagus risotto Pierogi.


If there is room after all of this there is Makowiec poppy seed cake for dessert.


A full list of Polish Vodka will be available, as well as mulled wine with enough festive cheer to knock a reindeer over. Music from the delightfully dramatic, Acts Revelations will be ramping up the party.




July 31, 5pm until late

The Gasometer, 484 Smith Street, Collingwood.

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