By Jo Rittey


We have had a week of summer weather, been plunged into storms of biblical proportions or so they said, it’s Monday and Meredith Music Festival is this weekend. Hence, a recipe for Espresso Martinis seems in order. Stay with me on these loosely connected details.


Now, I know that Espresso Martinis have been around forever but I had never really got into them. I recently went to Bali and experienced the whole 2 for 1 cocktail extravaganza that goes on over there. Now, I am totally into Espresso Martinis and have taken to whipping up a little batch on a Friday night and I’m going to take this with me to Meredith for a little afternoon pick me up.


The secret is in the shaking, or so I’ve been told. The rest of it is pretty easy. Equal parts vodka, kahlua and coffee. Yes, yes, you are supposed to use espresso coffee, but do you know what? Plunger is fine. Or you can use something like Little Drippa Cocktail Coffee, a cold drip extracted coffee, made for making cocktails easier. For one espresso martini, put lots of ice into a cocktail shaker (you can get pretty greta plastic ones…perfect for Meredith), and add 30ml vodka, 30ml kahlua and 30ml coffee. Then shake it like you mean it and pour it into a martini glass. Voilà. Ready to go.



Jo is a French teaching writer, has a PhD in Medieval French Literature and is caught up in the myth she can cram as much as possible into every day.



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