By Maria Dunne


Last Friday, Moreland’s FReeZA created a fun night out for any teenager “sick of skool” and wanting to celebrate the end of the term.


FReeZA is an initiative created for 12–25 year olds by the Victorian State Government. It started in 1996 and has since paved the way for young artists. Committees made up entirely of young people set up events to boost community involvement, which can vary from live band gigs to film festivals.


Walking into the event there was an overwhelming smell of butter and sugar. Fairy floss and popcorn was handed out by the truckload and the temptation of free food was too much for many, including the food handlers.


The event started with a chance for local artists to test their skills. The atmosphere was supportive and friendly, allowing for the occasional mistake to be made. It was the perfect environment for any artist starting out.






After the Open Mic ended, the audience got up on the stage and tried their luck with karaoke. A normally embarrassing and awkward experience turned into an overwhelmingly enjoyable experience. Songs ranged from Rihanna’s ‘Unfaithful’ to ‘Bet on It‘ by Zac Efron, and there were some very expressive hand gestures from everyone involved.


The night ended with a screening of The Breakfast Club, which showed the epitome of 80s teenage angst. Everyone gushed at the ending and screamed “NOOO!” as the credits rolled.


FReeZA events are perfect for anyone wanting to check out local bands while still under-age. The FReeZA committees throughout the state instill community spirit and allow young people to participate, perform and meet people along the way.


Maria Dunne is a writer from North Coburg. Before writing for the Northsider she wrote freelance for The Big Issue and Buzzcuts.

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