By Eryn Crowl


Sending out wholesome vibrations from Melbourne’s north, artist Kirra Jamison has just opened the doors to Northcote High Street’s newest addition – Good Vibes Yoga.


With an ethos based on developing a mindful and strengthening experience through yoga, Good Vibes encourages a connection of body and mind both inside and outside the studio.


“Life is hectic, especially for us living in the cities… It’s important to make time to unplug and let go of everything,” says Kirra.




After experiencing severe back pain from painting large canvases six days a week, Kirra sought medical advice and began learning the holistic benefits of yoga.


“Being a full-time studio based artist is a surprisingly physical profession,” confesses Kirra.


“My osteopath told me that I needed to strengthen my back and that I should incorporate more yoga into my life… That was good advice!”


Kirra, a Byron Bay native and recognised name in the art community, is well-known for her vibrant use of colour and distinguished use of form. Creating a yoga studio was a new experience but one she welcomed with open arms and a clear vision.


“Creating the space and curating the perfect group of teachers has been a long process with lots of learning experiences,” admits Kirra.


“I had a very clear vision of how my dream yoga studio would look and feel and I’ve maintained that. I designed the space with an architect friend and project managed the whole thing. It was challenging but in a good way”.




At its core, the studio is about the health and well-being of its yogis and honouring Mother Earth through sustainable initiatives that feature in all aspects of the studio.


“I’m wholeheartedly committed to having as light of a footprint as possible, so it was important that all areas of the studio reflected this,” reveals Kirra.


“My teams of builders were totally on board with this goal. I think more and more people today are becoming more socially responsible, particularly in Melbourne’s northern suburbs”.




An entirely chemical free yoga studio, Good Vibes proves all-good on the sustainable front, from non-toxic VOC free paints to energy efficient lighting. Even the bathrooms are decked out with natural hair and body wash to ensure every nook and cranny is saluting the Earth.


In a time where a heightened sense of social responsibility is hot on the heels of the morally inclined, Good Vibes shows the importance of providing a space with a strong focus on establishing an environmentally conscious mindset.


For more information, visit or call 0422306224.



Eryn is a freelancer writer with a penchant for the arts and enduring passion for the written word.

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