Mates, music and homemade hot sauce have ensured Coburg’s True North is always buzzing at breakfast and lunch, but the addition of local beers, seasonal cocktails and outstanding burgers have turned this popular café into a bar & burger joint, the perfect after hours neighbourhood haunt. 


First opened in 2014 by good friends Nadia Camus and Brett O’Riley, True North’s offerings of American and South American influenced food with tasty vegan options and homemade Blackberry Belle sweet pies quickly found fans, and the café soon expanded from one shop front to two.


Now open Thursday night through to Saturday, the team are serving up a new dinner menu known as The Cheeseburger Picnic with burgers and beers, $10 chilli on a Thursday and the very popular Pie or Die, where Camus’ famous pies are matched to the bar’s creative beer and cocktail such as True North’s take on the classic Bloody Mary (add your own heat from the extensive selection of hot sauces) and the ‘Cyndi Lauper’ (house made water melon fresca with tequila and lime). All vegan, vege and meat options baby!


It is this unique atmosphere that has locals realising they no longer have to go far to have a night out.


For Camus and O’Riley, serving food that they love and creating a space to hang out with mates is the ethos behind all things True North. ‘What you see on the menu is food that we both like to eat. We love flavour and being brave with it,’ says Camus.


True North’s personality certainly packs a mighty punch as you head through the door. With booths handcrafted from reclaimed timber; décor that pays tribute to Lemmy, Ozzy and cats; and a playlist that isn’t without the odd Manowar track, their playlists are to end all playlists.


Originally meeting through Melbourne’s music scene – O’Riley has played in all manner of bands and Camus is a filmmaker – the duo’s friendship took shape at Camus’ old kitchen table, making ‘Nordic Frost Burn’, a killer hot sauce that has since become the signature sauce of True North.


With fifteen years working in hospitality, Camus leads the charge in designing the menu, managing the floor and dishing up her famous sweet Blackberry Belle American-style pies; while O’Riley, whose hospitality experience began when True North opened its doors, looks after the back end duties, front of house, and keeping the coffee or cocktails coming.


2A Munro Street, Coburg

Monday – Wednesday: 7am – 4pm

Thursday & Friday: 7am – Midnight.

Saturday: 8am – Midnight

Sunday: 8am – at least 4pm…

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