By Jo Rittey


Having already cornered the market on excellent burgers, chips and shakes, the team at Skipping Girl Takeaway in Abbotsford are now pretty intent on taking out the poutine prize. If there is one. And, given how good the poutine is here, there should be one.


Poutine, or as it is sometimes called, loaded fries, started appearing on the Melbourne scene a couple of years ago but recently it has enjoyed somewhat of a spike in popularity.


Poutine appears be the only culinary contribution Canada is known for. A classic Canadian poutine is made up of a holy trinity of fries, squeaky cheese curds and gravy.


Owner Eyal Talmor is quick to point out that they are doing poutine their way and not really trying to be Canadian about it. “We’re calling them poutine because it’s easier for people to understand,” he said. “We started doing loaded chips; with chips and cheese and gravy. Our chef, Nolan, makes amazing gravy. Then we thought, let’s do more with this. One of my mates comes in all the time and he lives just round the corner and he started throwing bits of bacon on the chips, then he’d ask for a mac ‘n cheese and chips. It worked, so we started doing a Mexican one and that has been on the menu for ages. Then we came up with Blu-tine. That came out of Brendan’s (of Burgers of Melbourne fame) wolf and man burger he invented by putting the Louisiana hot wing sauce on the Blue Moon burger. We’ve taken bits from what other people wanted and put them with things we thought would work.”


Perfect for the chilly months, Skipping Girl has a decadent selection of poutines that will stick to your ribs and might just be a little bit addictive. Choose between Mac’n-tine, Mexican, All day breakfast, Blu-tine, Quattro (the last four on one platter), and the Nestler 12702. Named for Peter Nestler and the amount of skips he can do in an hour, this baby features wagyu beef, fried chicken, bacon, mozzarella and gravy.


Skipping Girl’s triple cooked chips with Nolan’s gravy and whatever choice of topping takes your fancy is work crossing town for. Luckily, you don’t have to.



Jo has an exotic (kiwi) accent, loves good food and wine and has just a touch of the required culinary cynicism when it comes to the misuse of apostrophes and the hype over rainbow lattes.





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