By Jennifer Richards


Food, people love it, and they hate it. At the same time! It’s a double-edged chef’s knife! It tastes so amazing and it makes you feel so good, but many of us beat ourselves up for every single morsel we put in our mouths because we think that we shouldn’t be eating it, it has too many calories in it, it’s a “naughty” food, or it’ll make us fat. The list goes on…


All these thoughts can then lead people to the belief that healthy means pain and deprivation. No wonder so many people can never stick to a diet. It seems like agony.


I can talk about this in jest, because I’m speaking from experience. I’ve had a love hate relationship with food since my early teens. I rode round and round on a train ride called disordered eating for two decades. The train stations never changed, they went in one big loop from starvation, to binging, to depression, to starvation, to binging, to depression.


This loop stole a lot of happiness from my life but it’s also been my greatest teacher. My journey of healing over the last few years has given me the skills and wisdom to write children’s books, create a health food company (www.rumblespaleo.com.au), become an EFT Tapping practitioner in my own private practise (www.martrixrejeneration.com) and now I have created my very own online healthy cooking school! It’s called The Rumbles Lifestyle Hub and I’d love you all to check it out www.rumbleslifestylehub.com.au


My goal is to create a place where people can come to learn to cook healthily without the need for countless cookbooks and weird, expensive super foods from Albania. Where people can come to learn that healthy doesn’t mean deprivation, starvation, punishing 10 week diet programs involving the counting of calories, fat grams, macros, micros, shcmicros and twenty million hours of exercising like a maniac.


My goal is to help people fall in love with cooking, fall in love with food and ultimately, fall in love with themselves. I’d like to help people understand that our journey with food and health can be a wonderland, an adventure, and a spectacular exploration. My goal is also to show people that healthy eating is actually totally, spectacularly deee-licious too.


If you’d love to come on this adventure and learn how to become a healthy cooking pro. If you’d love to learn how healthy cooking can be fun, easy, affordable and bloody deee-licious, if you’d love to jump off your own train loop of diet mayhem, then the Rumbles Lifestyle Hub Healthy cooking school is certainly for you.


Life is about love, kindness and having the energy and confidence to step up into the fulness of our dreams. It’s not about what we weigh, what our waist circumference is or if we can fit into a size 6 dress. Life is giving yourself permission to be you. And, most importantly, life is about eating food that makes your body sing and tastes a-may-zing.



Jen Richards is a therapist, author and businesswoman who’s on a mission to help people fall in love with life, healthy food and, most importantly, themselves.



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