By Jo Rittey


Just in time for summer, the Melbourne duo who brought you the Denver & Liely whisky glass, revealed their latest design on Friday; the perfect gin drinking glass.


Designed for use with sipping gins and gin cocktails, the Denver & Liely glass enhances the smell and taste of gin. How did they achieve such a feat? With a lot of research. Denver Cramer and Liely Faulkner have rolled up their sleeves over the last few months and worked with some master gin distillers to work out the shape of the glass which will best celebrate the juniper flavoured spirit.


They worked closely with Westwinds and Four Pillars along with R&D support from Distillery Botanica, Young Henry’s, Poor Toms, Loch and Key bartenders/mentors like Dave Kerr (Aus), Kyle Ford (US), Tim Harris (US), Miles Macquarrie (US) and James Burchett (Aus) during development and whiled away many hours drinking and experimenting with every variation of gin cocktail to ensure that all the botanicals are released and appreciated.


So how does it work? The cleverly considered funnel and smaller sized opening concentrates the smell which increases as you go, enhancing the taste and taking you on a delectable journey for the length of your cocktail or G&T. Each glass is hand blown so that the specific dimensions and wall complexity are achieved. You just can’t get that kind of quality from a machine.


Denver lives in the Northside and he and Liely were highly influenced by seeing the rise of gin in bars on this side of town.


In a time when Australian gin and gin worldwide are enjoying a renaissance, this glass will help you embrace the gin experience in an unparalleled way.


The D&L gin glass is available for $55 through their website



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