By Jo Rittey


When some restaurants open, you get the sense that they’re trying to figure things out. Mama Manoush, a modern Middle Eastern restaurant in Brunswick East, is not one of those restaurants. Which isn’t a surprise, given they already have a faithful following from their Fitzroy location. From the start, Mama Manoush knew exactly what it was trying to do: serve exciting Middle Eastern food in an exciting Melbourne restaurant. Tick and tick.


Now they have relocated to a bigger space in what used to be Lady Carolina in East Brunswich, and the hits keep rolling.


More than just a taste of Lebanon, chef Elizabeth Kairouz’s food will make you feel as though you have somehow been teleported to Lebanon. After all, she has been cooking for friends and family since she was knee-high to a grasshopper.


“In my town [Becharre, one of the oldest villages in Lebanon] my daddy used to invite a lot of people and I learnt cooking from my grandma and mother,” says Elizabeth.


For your fix of marinated lamb, the most delicious falafel you will eat and Middle Eastern charcoal grilled delights, Mama Manoush will satisfy your soul.


Choose to dine in the more formal dining area or the astro-turfed zone where, if it’s really hot, you’ll be huddled around the misting fan, sambousik in one hand and an aperol spritz in the other. Bliss.

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