We are James and William Grubb.

The best movie I’d say (James) I’ve ever seen would be ‘The Force Awakens’. It resolves most of the problems and also ends with a big cliffhanger and it also has lots of twists. It continues off from the last Star Wars movie but it is many years afterwards. I’d say there are definitely going to be more movies in the future because it ended with a big cliffhanger.

I prefer riding because it’s more fun. We go bike riding in Yarran Dheran and we go around by ourselves, which is nice.  I have two budgies, one called Blue and one called Snowy. They’re very chatty and when they come out of their cage they’re very funny. They fly around and do stuff, like once one of them got stuck on the clothes line inside and we were trying to get it off and I went to pick it up and it was hanging on by its beak and it was going up and down, like ‘I don’t want to get off this thing’.



James and William Grubb – Star Wars fans



Christine is a professional photographer with a keen interest in people, animal welfare and sports. For more on Christine’s work press here.


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