My name is Jenni Mills.  I live just down the road. 

I haven’t always lived in the area.  I came from Harkaway, which is near Berwick.  We lived there for 30 years.   We were on 4 acres.  I was working at the school next door, as a Business Manager.  It was a small school of about 180 kids and so I did everything, first aid, reception.  Then I had a stroke two years ago.  I was still working there part time, but then they employed two other people.  I decided to work closer to home.  I now work in Box Hill in accounts payable at a school with 1200 kids.

I have 4 daughters.  Two live out in Pakenham, 1 daughter in Alphington and my eldest daughter lives in Canada.  She’s coming back in November.  We thought we would move into the city.  We moved here last July.  We are really happy with the change.  We are just renting at the moment, but are thinking of buying next May.


jenni mills snap by filomena rizzo_august-2016-1

Jenni Mills from down the road



Filomena Rizzo is a professional photographer who contributes to the Northsider regularly. Her work focuses on people and the stories their portraits can tell. To see more of her work please press this link.


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