Snapped by Christine Ansorge

My name is Sheila and I live in Carlton. I am from Uganda, I am currently here as a student.

I don’t have a pet; they require a lot of care. I don’t have any family in Melbourne. They are not all in Uganda; some are out of Uganda but none are in Melbourne.

I came here at the end of February, so that should be about 5 months. In the beginning I loved it but now I don’t have time to look around because I am so busy with my books. I am studying law.


Sheila snap by Christine Ansorge June16

Sheila, law student from Uganda


Christine is an emerging professional photographer with a keen interest in people, animal welfare and sports. She is a regular contributor to the Northsider with photography, Melbourne Snap posts and articles. For more on Christine’s work press here.


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