By Jo Rittey


Homer Simpson said it, let’s go with it. 2016 was a big year for beer and it looks like it’s going to be a bigger one ahead. If you are into all things malty, this one is for you.


Now are your iCalendars at the ready? Because there’s a week long Beer Fest at Cookie (14 – 21st January, starting from this weekend )so you can take the New Year head on. And, wait for it, they are opening up all 24 taps, to 24 local independent craft beers from acroos Victoria. That’s right. Mmm, beer.


This weekend, starting from 1 pm, the beer will be flowing. They’ll also be housing all 24 brewers across both Saturday (14th January) and (Sunday 15th of January), each talking about their brews and offering tastings from across their range.


Cookie is so excited to give a little back to our beery brothers and sisters. To those we haven’t seen for a while, and to showcase just how great and diverse the Victoria craft scene is.


There will be limited releases, free tastings, pots, pints and your local craft beer heroes. Bonza!


Just to tease your taste buds, this is what will be on tap:


Bad Shepherd Brewing Co.

Hop Nation

Mornington Peninsula Brewery

Wolf of the Willows Brewing

Bridge Road Brewery


Dainton Family Brewery

Venom Beer

3 Ravens Brewery

Hargreaves Hill Brewing Company

Hawkers Beer

Two Birds Brewing

Fury And Son Brewing Company

Barrow Boys Brewing

Boatrocker Brewing Co.

La Sirène Brewing

Moon Dog Craft Brewery

Temple Brewing Company

Bodriggy Brewing

Stomping Ground Brewing

Red Hill Brewing

7 Cent Brewing


Exit Brewing

Blizzard Brewing

40 Acres Brewing

Fury & Son Brewing

Grand Ridge Brewing

Black Dog Brewing

For more information, click here.

And just a another little pearl of wisdom from Homer, “Now son, you don’t want to drink beer. That’s for Daddies, and kids with fake IDs.”





Jo is a French teaching writer, has a PhD in Medieval French Literature and is caught up in the myth she can cram as much as possible into every day.


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