By Jo Rittey


If you want to try the real deal in Indian food, you have to go to Mukka in Fitzroy.


Reflecting an 8000-year history of culinary cultural interactions, Mukka celebrates the diversity of flavours and regional cuisines from India and presents less familiar, but unique dishes in all their glory. At Mukka Indian food in Melbourne is more than just curry.


Not content with producing irresistible butter chicken, palak paneer and fluffy naans for evening dining, Delhian brothers Prateek and Aditya are now breathing new life into lunchtime in Fitzroy. They are now launching a new lunch menu that will showcase unique regional specialties from all over India.


The new lunch offering will see lighter Indian dishes take centre stage including melt in your mouth fish marinated and pan-fried in banana leaf, native to Kerala, and served with a house-made masala. Tracing its origins to Persia comes the Biryani, prepared dum style and slow cooked to perfection. Using a unique blend of aromatic stock and spices, the biryani is layered with chicken, lamb or vegetables and saffron basmati rice; a delicately spiced exotic dish that is popular all over India.


Another major player in the new menu is the dosa (a paper thin savoury pancake), an all day South-Indian staple made from fermented rice and lentils, with a range of delicious fillings. Think spiced curried potatoes teamed with sambar dal and coconut chutney, or, for something so typically Melbourne, a medley of smashed avocado, rocket and a Kerala style beetroot pachadi to give it a touch of sweetness.


A highlight of the events calendar this year is Mukka’s very own Dosa Party on the 1st and 2nd of April where diners can feast on one for one dosas. It’s the perfect time to grab a mate and try a dosa or two.


As for drinks, the Iced Chai, a delicious concoction of soothing home made chai and swirls of coconut milk and the thirst quenching Nimbu Pani (Indian Lemonade) are sure to be hits on the new menu.


Lunch will be served from Thursday to Sunday from 12.00pm, with dinner service continuing seven days a week. Mukka is living proof than Indian food is a lot more than just curry.


365 Brunswick Street, Fitzoy

Mon – Wed 5:30pm to 10:30pm

Thu – Fri 12pm to 3pm and 5:30pm to 10:30pm

Sat – Sun – 12pm to 10:30pm


Jo Rittey is a freelance writer who wants to live in a world where apostrophes are used correctly and smiles are genuine. When she’s not roaming the streets of the northside in search of great food, she likes getting lost in beautiful films and having wildly enthusiastic discussions with chefs.

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