By Robert Frolla


NICO, a Brisbane-based underwear brand, are opening a pop-up shop in Northcote today.


The pop-up shop is to promote NICO’s brand new Summer 2016/17 collection, Memorandum. Memorandum’s collection is a relaxed and playful one, which is always ideal for any upcoming summer. Memorandum, like its name suggests, is based around the concept of nostalgia and memory – whether imagined or real.


With the new collection featuring soft pink and white hues, Memorandum is sure to play up with the contemporary theme. Creative Director Lis Harvey sums up Memorandum as a “range that feels familiar and unexpected at the same time. It’s like a memory you haven’t made yet.”


Besides NICO’s fresh and minimalist take on contemporary themes, NICO prides itself on form meeting function when creating new underwear lines. NICO’s signature fibre is Lenzing Modal, a fibre made from Birchwood that is naturally soft on the skin. NICO sources the eco-friendly fibre from Melbourne, where it is knitted. The Lenzing Modal is then sent to Brisbane to be cut and sewn at NICO.


The underwear brand also is committed to ethical production. NICO promotes positive change in the fashion industry, which has had its share of ecological controversies over the last few decades. By employing eco-friendly production techniques such as the use of Lenzing Modal, NICO’s efforts were recognised when the brand was announced as the winner of the Lingerie and Swimwear category at the 2013 Source Awards, which are the global awards for sustainable fashion.


The pop-up shop will be open until the 22nd, so don’t miss out on some comfortable, eco-friendly and long-lasting underwear for future summers.


NICO Underwear Pop-Up Shop
277 High St, Northcote
13 – 22rd October
Monday to Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm




Robert is the Arts and Lifestyle editor for The Northsider, and has edited for Writers Victoria’s The Victorian Writer and Phantasmagoria Magazine. He is also a freelance editor at Busybird Publishing.

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