By Jo Rittey


Thanks to the team at Nomada Café y Tapas you can now eat tapas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is a very good thing, particularly now that we are in the heart of winter and desperately thinking of warm escapes to more exotic places. Nomada is that portal that will take you from Fitzroy to the Costa Brava as quick as you can say clacked egg, which I’ll come back to.


The dream team of hospo stars, chef Jesse McTavish (The Kettle Black), Jesse Gerner (chef and owner at BombaAnada and Green Park), Michael Burr (also of Bomba), Greg McFarland (ex-chef at The Kettle Black), and Shane Barrett (Samuel Pepys) opened Nomada for daytime tapas bliss last month. Now they are flinging open the doors, or perhaps less dramatically, just keeping them open for your evening pleasure.


There are various mouthfuls of eye-closing goodness to be had during the day and into the night. Think little morsels of beautifully roasted quail or Flinders saltgrass lamb on the coals or anchovies caught at Lakes Entrance. And then there’s the clacked egg served on burnt hay which is so much more than a quirky gimmick. The egg has its top perfectly removed, the insides taken out to make hollandaise and the hollandaise is returned to the shell along with diced jamon and potato. Yum.


Wash this all down with some house Vermut Negre or one of the very lovely wines or Sherries sourced by Shane Barrett.


We all need rewards and a little escape from everyday life. Nomada will give you this. Bottom line: Nomada Café y Tapas will make you very happy.


Nomada Café Y Tapas

412 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Sun – Wed 8am – 4pm

Thurs – Sat 8am – late



Jo Rittey is a freelance writer who wants to live in a world where apostrophes are used correctly and smiles are genuine. When she’s not roaming the streets of the northside in search of great food, she likes getting lost in beautiful films and having wildly enthusiastic discussions with chefs.



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