North Fitzroy Primary School Fete


A couple of thousand people turned up to have a great time at the North Fitzroy Primary School’s (NFPS) annual fete on Saturday 10th November.

Once again, it was a great success and continued the themes of community engagement, parent and friend’s participation and of course fundraising. All of the usual NFPS Fete attractions were there: great food, arts and craft activities, the bookstall, silent auction and restaurant raffle. This being North Fitzroy, there were, of course, two separate coffee stall Cafes. The music line-up again proved a great success with a wide range of acts providing a mix of laid-back listening, foot-tapping classics and some high-voltage rock and roll.

The NFPS Fete Coordinator – Andrea Eunson – explained how the fete is the culmination of six months’ work for a dedicated team. “A small team of us came together in April to start the planning and to make a head start on the paperwork. As Fete Day neared, the number of assistants grew until it seemed that everyone in the school community was engaged.” Ms. Eunson also acknowledged the key role of local business; “A key part of the success of the fete is the involvement of our local trader community through sponsorships and donations of goods and services. Piedimonte’s Supermarket, for example, has been a great supporter of the School for the many years.” 

The proceeds from the fete each year are used to provide educational resources and activities beyond the normal funding that the school receives. These include activities such as early intervention reading, science and maths programs. With another fete behind them, the organisers can take a few months off before it all starts again leading up to the next NFPS fete in November 2014.

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