Northside Girls: New Age Pubs


As friends and writers, a big part of our socialising happens around Melbourne’s northern suburb pubs.

The Wesley Anne, St Arnou Beer Café, The Peacock Hotel, Northcote Social Club, Town Hall Hotel, The Post Office Hotel, Brunswick Hotel, The Union, The Cornish Arms, The Retreat, The Brunswick Green and Edinburgh Castle — the list goes on but we won’t, because we’ll give the impression that we never have a home-cooked meal.

For us, pubs are a hub where ideas are formed, stories are shared, many rounds of pool are played and maybe the odd tear is shed.

Our favourite type of pubs are usually refurbished old TAB venues, strip joints, converted warehouses or post offices. It took us a whole year after The Post Office Hotel in Coburg was opened by ‘New Management’ before we could be rid of the stigma attached to it. Adverts for topless barmaids and seeing patrons throwing up in the gutter doesn’t fill us with as much holiday spirit as it may for others.

However, as it would prevail, we stepped in one day after some great food reviews, and now have complete faith in what Tex Perkins and the collective rockers are now achieving as its new owners. We’ve noticed a few key features of these refurbished pubs compared to the traditional model:


1) Sticky carpets are replaced by polished floorboards

2) Tooheys and VB are replaced by craft beers (and many IPAs)

3) Chips are now ‘Polenta pieces’ served with not ‘salt or sauce’ but ‘sea salt and aioli’

4) There’s no Smith’s chips or Nobby’s nuts on the counter

5) Instead of opening after midday, breakfast is now served

6) A cheapo stingy salad is now replaced with a ‘smashed avocado’ salad (What is smashed avocado anyway? What’s wrong with mashing? Or chopping?)

7) The lone barfly of the pub’s previous incarnation is entirely absent, and now replaced with hip families with cool-as-kids playing with wooden, hand-crafted fair trade toys.


The other fantastic aspect of these pubs that puts Melbourne on the map, as compared to other states, is the authenticity and individuality you will find in each and every pub/bar you walk into.

From the decorations above the bar, to the faucets in the bathroom and the colour of the carpet, no venue is the same.

So get down and support your local pub, and come have a drink with us.

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