By Jo Rittey


Gin is the new black, or so it seems in Melbourne with the flurry of festivals devoted to the juniper, local distilleries strutting their stuff and the advent of glasses specially designed to bring out the best in this summery drink.


Patient Wolf is the latest local gin to grace our glasses. Entrepreneurial friends Matt Argus and Dave Irwin have spent the last three years traveling the globe ad researching exactly what it takes to produce the kind of gin they want to drink and share with others. The first batch of their hand-made gin is about to roll out of the door of their Brunswick distillery to eagerly awaiting fans.


The pair launched a Pozible campaign that ends on the 14th of December and which has already surpassed both the amount of money they hoped for and the amount of people desperate to taste their gin. The first batch has already sold out and they are on to the first release, batch number 2. So you can still jump on the Pozible site and pledge to help the boys propel Patient Wolf into the global arena while at the same time getting your hands on the good stuff.


So what makes Patient Wolf such a stand-out gin? Matt and Dave believe in a new wave of unrestrained craft-led influence that respects tradition yet challenges the future. That blend of old and new is best typified by their handmade, 230L Muller copper still, custom built in Germany. It has taken a year to make and it uses a new technology, unique to Australia, which increases copper contact with the spirit to produce a more pure, aromatic and refined distillate.


The resulting spirit is a modern take on the classic London dry style. The citrus element is a combination of locally sourced organic ruby grapefruit and navel oranges. The botanicals are steeped overnight in the still and include coriander seeds, cubeb pepper, native aniseed myrtle, cardamom, orris root and a healthy dose of juniper. Tonka beans, which are native to South America, are also one of the more unique botanicals that help shape Patient Wolf gin.


Once the Pozible campaign comes to an end, Patient Wolf Gin will be available in Melbourne’s bars, restaurants and boutique cellars for your absolute quaffing pleasure.





Jo Rittey is a freelance writer who wants to live in a world where apostrophes are used correctly and smiles are genuine. When she’s not roaming the streets of the northside in search of great food, she likes getting lost in beautiful films and having wildly enthusiastic discussions with her friends.

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