By Robert Frolla


The last decade has seen an emergence in eco-consciousness, and a more urgent social awareness in caring for the future of our planet. Local inner-urban communities are now embracing an eco-conscious lifestyle and are taking steps in reducing carbon footprints, in wiser recycling and in creating gardening spots in dense urban areas.


Not only are these community-run initiatives environmentally sound, but are also creative outlets. The belief that creativity brings people together can do wonders for the environment at a micro-level. This is something Put Your Heart Into It, a community initiative in Northcote, believes in and lives by.


Put Your Heart Into It (PYHII) is a collaborative team that hosts creative events and workshops in and around Melbourne and rural Victoria. The workshops and events aim to create sustainable and eco-conscious experiences that inspire people to live a slower and more creative lifestyle. Simplicity and community involvement, as well as a hands-on approach, make up PYHII’s philosophy in getting creative and helping the environment.


PYHII offer a number of weekly creative classes on many things, such as food styling, mindfulness, growing organic food and building terrariums. Here’s what’s coming for the rest of September and early October:


Make Your Own Natural Skincare
Saturday 17th September, 1
Many beauty products leave out large quantities of essential vitamins and fatty acids that can help aid your skin, and instead are filled with not-so-natural chemicals. In this workshop, you will learn how to take your skincare in your hands by making your own face oil and choosing the natural products that will replenish your skin.

Wild Floristry
Wednesday 21st September, 6.30–9.30pm
Now and then we go to a florist and have to make do with an average flower arrangement, always disappointed that it doesn’t reflect how we feel about the loved one. Learn how to spruce up your artistic floristry for some new living room decorations, or to give friends and loved ones that special bunch of flowers for their birthdays.

Wednesday 5th October, 6.30–9.30pm
Unlike a lot of ceramics classes, this class doesn’t involve using a kiln and the conventional firing techniques. In fact, this class is all about hand-making beautiful ceramic decorations without a pottery wheel. Discover new ways on how to add some prints and textures to create a stylish bowl or plate, as well as how to waterproof your creations.

Thursday 6th October, 6.30–9.30pm

If a large medieval loom ever looked daunting to you, fear not – this class is for those who want to weave something for their home, not for a king. Spend a relaxing evening learning different weaving patterns, textures and techniques, regardless if you’re a novice or an expert. There will also be a wide selection of rare and vintage yarns you can make your masterpiece from.


PYHII’s studio is located near CERES Community Environment Park. You can find out more about PYHII here.




Robert edits for The Northsider and Phantasmagoria Magazine, and is a freelance editor for Busybird Publishing.

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