By Jo Rittey


16 000 skips is a whole lot of skips. Apparently that’s what the iconic Richmond sign, Lil’ Audrey, does every night and it’s possibly how many rope twirls you’d need to do to work off one of new Abbotsford takeaway Skipping Girl’s burgers. But let’s not go there. They are far too tasty to be thinking anything other than the eye-closingly ecstatic moment you are eating them.


In fact, only one of their burgers is called 16 000 skips and, perhaps rightly so after all. It does have three wagyu patties, three slices of cheddar, three pieces of bacon and skipping girl special sauce. That’s a tower of burger, if ever there was one.


Other options aren’t quite as epic, in size at least. All the burgers are well thought out and put together with care. Owner Eyal Talmor and chef, Nolan Ramage, formerly Head Chef at The Windsor Hotel’s function department, have put a lot of energy into coming up with the perfect burger.


They want to keep things, “simple and old school,” says Eyal. Everything is made fresh on the day. Nothing is made from processed food. Apart from the Grade A marbled wagyu burgers, there are chicken burgers; 48-hour buttermilk brined then fried chicken, no less. The fish burgers are made with fresh fish from the market, the veggie burgers have all kinds of superfood goodness packed into them and all of these are served on Philippa’s brioche buns, caramelised rather than toasted to keep everything intact.


And as for the chips, Eyal describes the cheeky little triple-cooked gems as their hero products. Adapted from Heston’s recipe, they are boiled first, cooled, fried at a low heat to crisp, then deep fried for the third time for 4 minutes. Eyal really loves his chips and to make sure that what they serve up in the mini baskets are top notch, the team spent the 5 or so weeks leading up to the opening on making chips. Eyal rolls his eyes, not in annoyance, but in pleasure as he tells me about the “hundreds of hours of research” undertaken to get them to where they are now, “perfection.”


Skipping Girl also does coffee on a beautifully stripped and restored old machine, freshly squeezed orange juice and a range of milkshakes.


And, as if all that wasn’t enough, in addition to the housemade sauces actually in the burgers, they have an impressive line-up of bottled sauces you can help yourself to. Just for that little bit extra.


You can eat in, take away or get Foodora to do all the work and deliver some burger and chips love to the door. But be careful, from personal experience, Skipping Girl food is addictive. Now where did I put that skipping rope….?




70 William Street, Abbotsford

Tues – Sat 10am – 9pm



Jo Rittey is a freelance writer who wants to live in a world where apostrophes are used correctly and smiles are genuine. When she’s not roaming the streets of the northside in search of great food, she likes getting lost in beautiful films and having wildly enthusiastic discussions with chefs.



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