Industry Beans

Written By: Pauffer Kristolsen


Who would expect the back streets of Fitzroy to be home of one of the most progressive Coffee Roastery’s in Melbourne, producing a marvellous range of well-rounded, delightful single origin and blended coffees? 

In a very familiar area to Fitzroy foodies and regulars, virtually on the corner of Rose and Fitzroy streets, two passionate brothers Trevor and Steve Simmons of Penny Farthing Espresso fame have acquired an old warehouse and stripped it back to bare essentials.

They have miraculously transformed this open space warehouse into a magical venue space that offers everything from a very lively cafe with fantastic food, a fully operational roastery, an upstairs cupping lab to a professional coffee training facility for their baristas and clients.

The seasonal food menu features fresh, high quality ingredients combined to create unique and interesting offerings.

However although the food is now recognised in its own right, the big news, the star performer, the single commodity that inspires the fanatical behaviour of the team at Industry Beans Roastery and Cafe, is of course, as the name suggests, the COFFEE! That’s what they are here for.

Sourcing the finest green coffee from all over the world is a great passion for the Industry Beans team, who have sourced coffee from the many countries of Central America, Africa and Asia. Whether the coffee is for one of their seasonal blends or is to be featured on its own, a rigorous cupping and evaluation process takes place to ensure the highest quality speciality coffee is selected.

They offer a comprehensive choice of Regional, Estate and Micro-lot Coffees that showcase the diverse nature of coffee. These coffees are taken through rigorous pre-production testing and assessing before hitting their coffee menu (literally a winelist- like coffee guide for punters to choose their brew from), they offer coffees from their shiny oversized Synesso as well as a range of brew methods from the specially set up brew-bar.

Throughout the process the Industry Beans crew keep a transparent and approachable attitude towards their product and service.

So this remarkable ‘Roastery come Cafe’ is definitely worth a visit and then some!

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