By Jason Sulligoi


There’s nothing wrong with window shopping. In sport, there are plenty of ripe candidates past and present who possess that phwoar factor.


It is a more relaxed tone I take with you as I search for sport’s sexiest stars. I have ignored how many medals, trophies or titles a person has won due to the fact that fame can sometimes blind people from reality. So I’ve scoured the sporting landscape for genuine hotties, regardless of their level of success. It may seem a shallow topic, but who cares! Later in this article I will tell you a story. But first…


There are the usual suspects, David Beckham and Anna Kournikova. No argument. Christiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal certainly fit the bill. Some would include stars such as Andy Roddick, Maria Sharapova and Usain Bolt. I personally disagree but who am I to say? Rugby player and ex-boxer Sonny Boy Williams is a shoe-in.


There are the usual team suspects. It’s a fact that men like to watch women’s volleyball, especially of the beach variety. Our Hockeyroos have been known to contain some eye candy like retired pair Kate Hollywood and Nikki Hudson.


Whoever said good things come in small packages has never seen this bloke in tight lycra.”


There is plenty of time to window shop during the cricket. The English team boasts Stuart Broad, Alastair Cook and James Anderson, complete with lovely accents. The Aussie team has Shane Watson, Mitchell Johnson and skipper Michael Clarke to keep the female viewers interested. In the 70s, cricket was the theatrical domain of open shirted, hairy chested and gold necklace wearing pace-men such as Aussie duo Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thompson, and Pakistan’s Imran Khan.


Enough of the blokes for now, it’s time for the ladies. I managed to dig really deep and find some beauties in some obscure sports. Snowboarder Claire Bidez, American volleyballer Jessica Gysin, Croatian basketballer Antonija Misura, Italian track and field ace Sara Galimberti, Surfer Alana Blanchard (my phwoarvorite!), Golfer Blair O’Neal and Wrestler Stacy Keibler all hail from the phwoar factory. Even the lesser known sport of mountain biking is home to gorgeous Aussie Niki Gudex.


Past stars of notable mention are: Aussie tennis pair Pat…Rafter and Cash. In the 70s we had Sweden’s tennis icon Bjorn Borg and the original phwoarcess of LPGA, stunning Californian blonde golfer Laura Baugh. English cricketer and supreme alpha-male Freddie Flintoff also makes the cut. Lastly, we have Aussie athlete Matt Shirvington. Whoever said good things come in small packages has never seen this bloke in tight lycra.


Time for the story I promised to tell. A few years ago on a Saturday night I was confronted with the conundrum of having my girlfriend (of that time) wanting me to take her out, but my beloved Bombers were on TV in a big game. We compromised that I could watch the first half then we’d hit the town. She sat next to me and watched the game in a half-arsed way whilst chewing my ear off.


Bomber Micheal Hurley flashed by on the screen. ‘Oh he’s alright’, she said. Moments later Bomber Tayte Pears got some camera time. She let rip with a massive ‘Phwooaarr!’ Sensing an opportunity to watch the whole game I pretended to be offended at her joyous outburst towards another male. She felt slightly guilty and said I could watch the whole game. Ha!


It wasn’t long before she figured out my sneaky plan as I had nestled myself on the couch with the remote, and no intention of going out. I’d say, ‘There’s Tayte!’ every time he came into view. She fell for it a few times before tiring of it. I took her out on the town. End story.



Jason Sulligoi is an experienced Sports Writer and a professional drum teacher.

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