Two Short Men


Food Dude does breakfast in Northcote, and walks away more than satisfied !

The ‘Two Short Men, father and son duo, Marco & Aaron, that own and operate this unique little cafe by the same name, just off High Street, in the heart of Northcote’s exciting little food hub have developed a virtual food and espresso magnet for the locals ! Scrumptious Breakfast and Lunch food and simply the best coffee I have experienced in a long time and it’s the old adage, ” it’s all about service ” and their is an abundance of that here !

Well, where do I start?  Mmmmm, it has to be the sensational coffee !  The Two Short Men bring with them their Italian heritage, and it translates through the coffee and the food experience ! Aaron is the consummate barista and not only does one enjoy the quintessential cup of the regular Latte or Cuppucino, but on offer are Picollo, Chai Latte,Pour Over, and a cup called Magic ! This cup of ‘Magic ,is a double Ristretto with 120 mills milk -it was strong but magic!  And How about the real touch of Italy here, the  Affogato, double shot espresso and a dollop of ice cream floating, incredible?

The other ‘Short Man’, Marco works the floor brilliantly, and charms the customers in his typical Italian hospitable style. A  public relations team extraordinaire, are these ‘Two Short Men’!

Ok, it’s breakfast time, late as it is, and I have many tempting choices on the menu in front of me !  Though I noticed on the specials board, Cinnamon Porridge with poached fruits and Pistachio crumbs – looks amazing, but too hot bfor porridge today .

Ah!  All Day Breakfast – that’s me ! Do I select, the ‘Big Short Men’, eggs,bacon, chipolattas, tomato, field mushrooms, house beans, tomato relish ? No…..far too much for me.  I  finally select the signature dish, everybody’s favourite, the ‘Smashed Avacado’,    I hear that is definitely, ‘the go!’   It was with 2 stunning soft poached eggs perched on a bed of Avocado & Feta mix, topped with honey glazed bacon & dukka -and it was simply magnificent !

Noticed all the traditional favourites are available , Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, Omelet, Eggs all the ways, I will try on my next visit, which won’t be too far away.

 Of course for the healthy amongst us, HomeMade Muesli, Bircher and a range of toasts: Fruit Loaf, Sourdough, Muti Grain, Ciabatta and even Gluten Free there for the asking.

 Now lunch here, is a whole new ball game, glanced back at the specials board and this grabbed me ……” Pulled Pork on a Brioche Bun with Red Cabbage Slaw, Coriander and Lime Mayonnaise “, my God, sounds awesome -but on another day, have to drag myself back to the office desk!

As the patrons were fixing up the bill Aaron would ask,” How was everything? “And to a man, the replies were near or close to,” spot on Aaron” or ” ace mate ” or” perfect as usual” or the like !

They all religiously  come back to, Two Short Men and duly converted, so will I !
2a Mitchell St, Northcote.

A Mitchell St, Northcote VIC 3070
Open 7 days Breakfast, Lunch

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