By Jo Rittey


It’s quiet when I enter the high-ceilinged brick, stone and glass warehouse home of Lune Croissanterie. People speak in hushed tones and consume their pastries reverently. It is like a cathedral of mindfulness here. Pastries are picked up, marvelled at, inhaled before they are eaten. Eventually someone hits play and the music comes on, but the reverence continues.


And so it should. There is a reason why people queued from the crack of dawn for these croissants when Kate Reid and her brother were selling them on Saturday mornings from their tiny premises in Elwood. Apparently they still queue for the Rose Street venue, but that might be more for nostalgic reasons. Now there are croissants for enough for everyone and they sell them throughout the day, not only on Saturday, but on Sundays and 3 weekdays.


I have to admit that I was sceptical about the cult aspect of Lune croissants. I take it all back. They are perfection. Buttery, flaky perfection. I couldn’t go past the traditional croissant. I’m a purist. But next time – and there will certainly be a next time – I will be oscillating between the ham and gruyère croissant and the pain au chocolat. I have an irrational petulance towards hybrids, but if there was anywhere I would make an exception and taste a lemon curd cruffin, it would be at Lune. And as for a gingerbread escargot, that sounds pretty darned delicious.


Luckily, you can eat your first round of pastries in the hallowed halls of Lune washed down by a coffee, but then you can also take a box of them away, to share with your friends, or to embark on a degustation alone. For research purposes, of course.


Small Batch in North Melbourne provides the coffee beans and they are expertly put through their paces on the shining La Marzocco machine. The Mörk hot chocolate alternative is a lovely one.


Lune is one of those places I have taken a long time to get to. And now I am cursing myself for wasting time.


119 Rose Street, Fitzroy


Mon, Thurs, Fri 7.30am – 3pm

Sat, Sun 8am – 3pm



Jo is a French teacher, a freelance writer and needs good coffee to start her day. Armed with an exotic New Zealand accent and a winning (hopefully) smile, she likes nothing better than roaming the streets of the northside in search of new and old food-related wonders.


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