By Jo Rittey


Melbourne is embracing all things vegan with an ardour far exceeding moderation. With the growing consumer interest in plant-based healthy eating, you can’t open a menu today without seeing the word ‘vegan’ flashed across the page. We luuuurve it.


Not only did the northside bring it with a Vegan Festival in Brunswick at the weekend, Polly Cocktail Bar has totally stepped up to the crease and is hitting sixes, just to uncharacteristically bring a summer sporting metaphor into play. Polly has done al the hard work for their guests, researching each product, going back to individual suppliers and making substitutions where necessary so their vegan guests can still enjoy a sneaky tipple.


Polly’s Bar Manager, Dave Whitehead, says, _“Some people think that a vegan lifestyle means that they can’t have many of our cocktails – when in fact these days it’s quite the opposite. Using vegan products has opened up a whole world of great new products to use in our recipes.”


Polly’s ability to cater to their vegan guests is, “just the extension of the purest sense of hospitality.” Dave Whitehead believes that, “some bars are still ignoring a basic step in their customer service or, at worst, stigmatising a group for their dietary life style.”


Witch cocktails such as the Long and Luscious, Night Owl and this column’s favourite, the Espresso Martini, all vegan optional, there has never been a better time to indulge…ethically.


Given the level of research and care Polly has put into their customers’ needs, it’s not hard to see why they were voted Time Out Melbourne’s People Choice 2016. Wake up to the possibilities, and get down to Polly Bar.


401 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy



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