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By Jackson Graham


Interior designer and business owner Trish Khoury, of Grace Interior Designs, says that, for her, “an eclectic design style means choosing pieces with both attention and intention.”


On Saturday 15 November, Trish led the first Northside Design Walk, an initiative that introduced a group of walkers to the diverse design culture and architecture of Brunswick East.


Everyone deserves to live in a beautiful space and a beautiful environment no matter what your budget is”.


The walk began with a coffee at Code Black Coffee in Weston Street, an interior that won the 2013 Australian Interior Design award for hospitality. The café was once a mechanics workshop and its renovations have maintained many of the industrial style elements such as dark tones, steel beams and an open plan layout in its design.


“The design of a space impacts you emotionally,” Trish told the group. She said her job as an interior designer was to achieve an emotional impact not just by making a space look good but by making a space work.


Trish also believes her job is about understanding the particular element that defines the style her client prefers. As the group walked along Weston Street, Trish pointed out corrugated iron in houses built during the Victorian period (1840–1900), sweeping curves in homes designed during the Art Deco period (1940–1950), and dark brown brickwork belonging to the early postmodern period (1980s).


Exercise, coffee and lessons in design periods were some of the side benefits of the walk, but the offer of generous discounts and interaction with the owners of various stores on Lygon Street stirred up an anticipation to search for the perfect piece.


Ruby Weigh, from 20th Century Scandinavia, explained how her business bought and restored vintage Scandinavian furniture. At the eclectic store Lair, a puzzling range of unusually decorated objects had the group rethinking ways to use homewares. Empress Rug Warehouse offered hundreds of patterned Iranian rugs that made the warehouse walls look like a virtual kaleidoscope. Neil Hargreaves, co-designer of Designed in Brunswick, allowed participants to compare the textures of his hand-printed fabrics.


To Trish, the concept of accessible design is important. “Everyone deserves to live in a beautiful space and a beautiful environment no matter what your budget is,” she said.


The Northside Design Walk brought Brunswick East’s design culture to life for the participants whether they were looking for casual homewares at the Bed Bath N’ Table factory outlet on Lygon Street, or finding glamorous and earthy style pieces at Ruby Oak on Sydney Road.


Belinda Collins, a participant on the walk, summed up her experience, “I enjoyed discovering a new area, it’s good when you live in Melbourne all your life and you realise how much more there is to discover.”


Trish Khoury has a vision to expand the Northside Design Walk to cover an even larger range of East Brunswick’s design elements on future walks. Stay tuned for more information about future walks by visiting the Grace Interior Designs website graceinteriordesigns.com.au


Jackson Graham is an aspiring writer who recently completed a BA in English & Media and Communications, and is interested in the future of narrative journalism.

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  1. Trish

    December 20, 2014 at 10:35 am

    I really enjoyed leading a group down Lygon St East Brunswick. It was such a positive design experience, I’ll be doing another Northside Design Walk on Saturday 30 May 2015.

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