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There is currently a lot of talk around about gut health and probiotics. I went to the experts to find out why probiotics are so important for our overall physical health and mental wellbeing, particularly as we head into winter.


Kara Landau, Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Founder Travelling Dietitian


What many don’t realise is that 70-80 per cent of our immune system can be found in our gut. So as well as the obvious relief for gastrointestinal issues, probiotics play a pivotal role in helping us feel good physically and mentally. Ahead of cold and flu season, we should all be upping our probiotic intake, particularly those with the Lactobacillus strain found in PERKii, as this will really help boost immunity so we can fight off those winter lurgies.


Dr Tran

Our body is made up of billions of good bacteria that help us feel better day to day but when coupled with the effects of modern diet, stress, toxins and antibiotics, our probiotic numbers and overall wellbeing will severely diminish. This is linked to symptoms of indigestion, constipation, low energy levels and increased risk of cold and flu.


Probiotics are live, good bacteria supplements which are needed for balancing out bad bacteria in the gut system and ensuring it is working at its optimum level. They fight bad bacteria, improve gut health, and support overall immune system. Some probiotics, however, may not make it to the intestine due to the acidity of the stomach. The active probiotics in PERKii are coated in organic based microgels creating a protective barrier so they can withstand the acidic environments, like the stomach, before entering more alkaline environments like the gut.


What is the best source of probiotics?



The best sources that will guarantee a boost to our digestive health and immunity, comes from foods and beverages that are fermented and developed naturally, such as kefir, fermented vegetables, or specifically designed probiotic rich foods and beverages. The great thing about PERKii probiotic water is that it is full of armour-plated probiotics that will fight through your stomach acidity, making their way to your gut where they can do their work!


Dr Tran

Good sources of probiotic should be formulated to have low sugar content and include billions of clinically studied and protected probiotics that can survive, in adequate amounts, through gastric transit such as the Lactobacillus Lc341 strain found in PERKii.


Should we eat the yoghurt from the shop or is there a better way to achieve gut health?



Many of the yogurts we can buy at the supermarket either have huge amounts of added sugar, are full of artificial sweeteners or emulsifiers, whichcan actually cause quite a bit of damage to our gut. So the best way to make sure your gut is kept in tip top shape is by choosing a food or beverage such as PERKii, that is rich in probiotics but also has zero added sugar.


Dr Tran

Most yoghurt products are fermented, sugary dairy food with only four weeks’ shelf life. Meaning, the probiotic within the product often dies off due to post acidification in the yoghurt towards the end of its shelf life. A better alternative for health conscious and vegan consumers is a probiotic drink like PERKii, which is low in sugar, gluten free, has a higher number of probiotic that can survive gastric transit i.e. through your stomach, and also has a four-month shelf life.


Kombucha or pickle seem very on point currently, are they good for gut health?



Kombucha and pickles are both types of fermented food or drink. However, they both contain undefined probiotic bacteria strains. Both also have a high acidity level, which might kill the probiotic during their shelf life.


What causes poor gut health and how do we know how healthy our gut is?




There are so many factors that cause poor gut health but it mostly comes down to poor diet habits including exposure to medications like antibiotics, lifestyle choices, and physical and mental stress.


Dr Tran


Poor gut health is mainly caused by uncontrolled and poor lifestyle choices and diet habits, all leading to a higher number of bad bacteria in the gut system. Individuals with elevated levels of bad bacteria in their gut system are prone to indigestion, bloating, constipation and regularly suffer from cold and flu symptoms. The best way to prevent these symptoms and maintain a consistently healthy gut is to ingest live probiotic rich foods and drinks, such as PERKii, which will balance out the bad bacteria in your gut.

Information supplied by clinicians at Perkii Probiotic water.


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