By Eva Perroni


This month, Youth Food Movement Australia (YFM) are launching their Heaps Cooked event series around Australia, encouraging young Australians to acquaint themselves with the art of cooking. Specifically designed around students, with their minimal time, budget and cooking knowledge, the series is bringing food preparation back to basics.


On Sunday 15th October, YFM will be hosting its Toastie Press Sunday Sesh in Carlton, inspiring participants to create gastronomical delights using only a toastie machine and a student budget. This two hour session is going beyond toasted sandwiches, with demonstrations on how the humble toast press can cook breakfast, lunch or a three course dinner with minimal effort and cleaning. It will include cooking workshops led by Jessie Alice (Leftover Lovers) and chef Josh Murphy (previous Cumulus Inc).


Alexandra Iljadica, Co-Founder of YFM, shares the inspiration behind the event series: “You’re not born knowing how to cook, and while Masterchef and other cooking shows are inspiring, what we see is young people suffering from a confidence gap. We know how to make toast. We’ve seen how crazy it is to make a snow egg on TV. But the every day in between stuff – how to cook real food on a real budget that tastes good – often requires skills we just don’t have.”


Research published this year from the Dieticians Association of Australia (DAA) revealed that millennials are eating out more than any other generation. Australia has also been rated as having the highest number of fast food outlets per person, performing worse than both the United States and the United Kingdom. Despite this, young Australians are also inspired to develop better food habits. In the DAA study, respondents aged 18-34 were cited as the “most likely group to want to adopt healthier eating habits, eat more veggies and cook at home more”.


Tickets can be bought here or visit the Youth Food Movement website or Facebook page for more details.



Eva Perroni is an activist-researcher and writer focused on creating a more just and sustainable food system.

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